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NLMO Project: Mareo

Name: Mareo

Name Meaning: Rare; Uncommon

Age: Appears 13

Hair: White and Black

Eye: Orange

Height: 5' 3"

Breed: Dalmation

Likes: Pulling pranks, stealing, climbing construction sites

Dislikes: Cops, Hiroshi, discipline

More Info: Mareo is Hiroshi’s only known relative (he is his younger cousin). This boy is well known for being a kleptomaniac. Despite his family ties, he appears to really dislike Hiroshi because Hiroshi tries to hinder Mareo’s trickery. Unable to “communicate” with Hiroshi, he’s found friendship with Yoko who obediently follows him when he’s out fooling around. He's courageous, rebellious, uncooperative, rude, and brutally honest. He rarely ever goes indoors.