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NLMO Project: Maemi

Name: Maemi

Name Meaning: Smile of Truth

Age: Appears 15

Hair: Blonde

Eye: Green


Breed: Bombay

Likes: Toshiro, milk, the sound of bells, sleeping

Dislikes: School, Oki, Jiko, getting caught in the rain, mashed potatoes, little kids

More Info: Maemi is not your typical hero ine. She is a spunky catgirl that woke up one day in a cardboard box with no clue how she got there in the first place. She is very childish and sometimes can be obsessive and temperamental. She deeply loves Toshiro with all of her heart and is currently sharing an apartment with him. She's very curious about her existence and is always trying to find out about herself. Maemi tries to live a normal life everyday, but it always seems to just get weirder all the time.