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NLMO Project: Leiko

Name: Leiko

Name Meaning: Arrogant

Age: 16

Hair: Orange

Eye: Brown

Height: 5' 8"

Breed: Human

Likes: Reading the newspaper, making jokes, sarcasm, hard-boiled eggs

Dislikes: Oblivious people, being lazy

More Info: Leiko is very arrogant, rash, and inconsiderate girl. She can easily talk cruely of someone right in front of their faces and not care. Despite these things, she's open, honest, and can be uncharacteristically nice. Nami seems to put up with Leiko's attitude and Leiko sometimes herself wonders why. She, along with Nami, met Maemi on their way to school. Even when Nami helps out Maemi, Leiko sticks around for input.